About Us

Our Story

It all began in a small Village in New Orleans East call Versailles. Versailles was home to Capt. D (Hieu Doan), family of season fishermen. Capt. D and his dad fish in Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borne, Mississippi River, Empire, and Venice, Louisiana most of their life. They would catch crawfish in Bayou Savage from Feb. to June, Catfish fishing in the Mississippi River Feb. to March for Lint season, Shrimping and Crabbing in Lake Borne from April to Nov. Trout and Red Fishing all year round. Capt. D, families and friends would boil crawfish, crab, shrimp and fry fish after their catch.

With their aptitude for good time, hospitality, and excellent seafood. Capt. D opened Boil Seafood House 2018. Now family, friends, and you can experience a good time and taste of a backyard seafood boiled in your own neighborhood.